Reflections from self-isolation

Escaping to another life: photos and diary entries from my last trip to Australia, aged 19 [Image courtesy of the author]

One of my colleagues recently tested positive for COVID, and as I was one of the people with whom he’d recently been in contact, I have been forced into 10 days of self-isolation. Writing this now, I am just a day away from freedom, and I am pleased to conclude…

Why I’m leaving England

Bursting with promise: Perth, Western Australia, the city I will be returning to this October [Image courtesy of the author]

Derived from the Greek for wound, trauma is closely associated with acts of explicit violence or disturbance. Sexual assault, physical and mental cruelty, alcoholism, and eviction from one’s home are watertight examples of what one would accept without question as traumatising experiences. …

An artistic approach to advertising

Book a Street Artist managing director Charlotte Specht and co-founder Mario Rueda [Images courtesy of Mario and Charlotte]

Keeping one’s head above water has proven to be a significant challenge over the past year, even when just looking out for oneself. Trying to keep an entire business afloat, however, is a whole other matter with the livelihood of your team on the line as much as your own…

Interview with Co-Chair of Proud FT

Image courtesy of Cassius Naylor

As the world’s leading publisher of economic and political journalism, Financial Times is fundamentally a global entity. Every headline is the product of a reporting network that spans every continent, collecting insights from a diverse range of sources.

If each interviewee can be seen as threads within the tapestry of…

Crypto and the queer economy

Hornet CEO and cryptocurrency innovator Christof Wittig [Image courtesy of Christof Wittig]

The loudest voices and strongest changemakers often emerge from the sidelines. In their efforts to be recognised and represented, and by dint of their diminished population, minority groups are required to surmount far greater hardships than most.

After all, the modern LGBTQ+ movement can trace its roots back to a…

Surviving the ’90s and why coming out isn’t like flipping a switch

Quick wits and sharp tailoring [Image courtesy of Aemen Sukkar]

For Bromley-born comedian Tom Allen, the fantasy world inside his head was always much more appealing place than the suburban “middle place” where he grew up. While Cool Brittania ruled the airwaves, Tom spent much of the mid-90s buried in his diaries and the celluloid dreamscape of Fred Astaire movies…

How to embrace the unexpected, and why you should

Gap year in my native Australia, aged 19 [Image courtesy of the author]

AT THE AGE OF EIGHT, I WAS MOVED TO ENGLAND WITH MY MUM, my older brother, and my British stepdad. It is where I have now lived for over fifteen years, but I often return to Australia for long holidays, and, between September 2015 and May 2016, I undertook a…

Liam Heitmann-Ryce

Gay writer who will always talk to strangers // Australian, 24 // Keith Haring & classical music //

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